After 13 years of self-motivated training in handstands, acrobatics, aerials and juggling with the 'Tasifan' childrens’ circus.
In 2009, Hanno was accepted into 'Die Etage e.V' in Berlin, and later to L'Académie Fratellini in Paris.
Hanno studied Handstands/Equilibristic with world renown coach Eric Varelas.
He graduated in 2013 with a Diplôme des Métiers d’Arts / DMA, and now performs across the globe.

He has received the following awards / supports:

  1. 2020: Silver Medal + Public Price at 7ieme Festival des Stars de la Magie et des                            Etoiles du Cirque - France

  2. 2017: Jury Price at Ôlac Festival 2017 - Switzerland

  3. 2017: Finalist at Golden Trick of Kobzov - Ukraine

  4. 2016: Support: Creation en Cours by french ministry for culture and education by Atéliers Médicis

  5. 2016: Coup de Coeur du Président du Jury at Festival Les Feux de la Rampe - France

    Hanno also teaches different circus disciplines at Académie Fratellini(FR), Ecole de Cirque Moskwa(FR), Cirque et Percussion(FR), Tasifan e.V(DE) and Momolo e.V(DE).